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For me clubfitting is adapting the golf clubs to the morphology, the technicality and the biomechanics of the player. Everybody is different, there is no standardization in golf club lengths, lies, lofts or even shaft flexes so this is why this job is so important. Any golfer wanting to improve should have the tools adapted to their needs.


My Clubfitting stages

1: get a blueprint of your clubs (loft, lie, longueur et parfois la fréquence des shafts)

2: get my first impressions and Trackman numbers with your own clubs

3: analyse and define the objectives and results

4: measure the student for their biomechanical tendencies to understand how they will move naturally in a golf swing

5: Try different models of clubhead and shafts using Trackman for the long game, irons and wedging and Samputt lab for the putting

6: Define the best selection of components to optimize the performance

7: explain the choice via the results of the session



Wrightbalance is a morphological and biomechanical research permitting to find the ideal stance width for balance and strength. This will enable the student to avoid injuries and increase ground reaction forces. These measures and researches are the fruit of more than 25 years of work by Dr David Wright on the incidences of stance width and grip size on balance.

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A mixture of BioswingDynamics and WrightBalance

In my clubfitting sessions I use many different measurements to help me understand the nature movement of the students’ body in a golf swing. These measurements will give an idea of their ideal posture, backswing plane, downswing plane and angle of attack plus many more. These are some of the examples:


Dr. David Wright

James Leitz

David Edel

Mike Adams

David Orr

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