Who am I

John Lawson

I turned pro in 1989 and was a playing pro playing mostly in France and around Europe for 16 years.

I started work part time in a specialized golf store in 2002 before gradually moving to a full time roll in 2005.

My speciality has always been technical, whether that be teaching or the understanding of golf club design and how they are made.

The logical route was clubfitting.

My understanding and quality of work lead me to be asked by Callaway golf to become their training specialist in France. This also gave me a chance to look behind the scenes as to how everything was made and why.

I have also worked and still do to this day, for the French Federation as training specialist for their future teaching pros.

I’ve always been fascinated by technology and modern-day golf is definitely one of the sports where there is the most. I have focalized my attention to Trackman, Samputt lab, Swing Catalyst and Myswing. I have the highest levels in certification in all of these domains. My main objective was to fully understand these tools to be more precise in my work as clubfitter.

I created my own company in 2016 specializing in clubfitting, training and biomechanics: J Lawson Golf.

My last certifications and interests have been in biomechanics. I have been lucky to be able to learn from the best with Mike Adams and EA Tischler from Bioswingdynamics and Doctor David Wright from WrightBalance. These researches allow me to better understand how and why people move like they do and how to find balance through exercise. This takes fitting to another level.


My certifications

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