Fitting, Wrightbalance and new technologies

I do several training sessions for the French federation on golf club conception, fitting, WrightBalance and on how to work with new technologies like TrackMan, SamPutt lab, MySwing or Biomech golf.

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The Wright Balance training


The Wright Balance certification seminar will provide you with the answers to these questions and show you the following:

  1. How to match the appropriate setup (Stance Width, Grip & Posture) to your students using their personal biometrics
  2. Show you the major swing characteristics that align with the three Core Regions based on biomechanical differences
  3. Provide you with the science and hands on practice to assess each of your students quickly; provide them with the balance and swing characteristics necessary to repeat their golf swings while reducing their risk of injury

Other Reasons to consider this seminar:

• Absolutely everything you will learn impacts Balance at Address
• Your Student’s Improvement is Immediate
• The Technology is grounded in 25 years of research
• The Delivery mechanism is simple & convenient
• There is a Clarity of Fundamentals for each student
• The Measurement Systems put everyone in the best positions for success
• There is no one swing method. The swing is determined based upon body measurements, what is natural to your students and within their capabilities.
• The Application of Balance Fundamentals Reduces stress on the body
• There are significant Long Term Health Benefits with the Wright Balance Core 360 Exercise Program
• The Technology is grounded in nature’s laws
• Your Students will pick up 1/2 to a full club in distance
• The Student’s ability to transition to the use of their « vision » only in their setup is part of the balance process
• When the setup is practiced at home, there is no need to focus on mechanics during the swing in practice or play

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